I worked so much last summer; physically be- cause we were so busy at the café and men- tally it was a crazy summer too, but I guess I can blame crazy energy of 2012 for it!

What kept me going was my vision of going somewhere super tropical in the winter to completely unwind…Life, take me to Maldives, Fiji, Seychelles….any honeymoon place where no one will talk to me as it’ll be only couples who have time and eyes for each other, so I will not have to talk to another human being for a while.

Do not get me wrong, I love humans, but sometimes I need a break from them.

And just as the end of the season was ap- proaching the opportunity for new Passion café popped up and it was opportunity not to be missed. And after being hassled and ordered by some of you (!) to open another café to work all year around, being it life-long desire and me being ‘ready’ to do it…it was to be go for.

So as much as I wanted to expand the busi- ness I instantly knew that I have to start doing something more about my health, wellbeing and relaxation techniques in order not to get ill or loose the plot running two businesses in Ibiza, in the summer, in two amazing locations.

I needed meditation retreat. But I wanted something special, something not too ‘hippy’… You know what I mean…

I needed to choose my teacher right as this will be it. And my intention was so strong, that guess what? My teacher was recommended to me by my friend and upon opening up his website and seeing his picture I instantly knew he was the one. And not only that he looked as almost total resemblance of my brother gone with angels…it was something more powerful. I felt instant love in my heart for a man I have not even met or heard him speak a word.

Meditation retreat was in gorgeous mountains of Davos in Switzerland. Well, hotel in the mountains. Mountains only would be too much hard core for beginner like me on a very long path to become yogi ever.

Opening up my balcony doors to breath-taking glorious mountains covered with snow and village of Davos resting beneath it was like being in imaginary world

Hotel Schatzaltp was inspiration for Thomas Mann novel ‘The Magic mountain’.

Thomas Mann gained inspiration for his tale during his own stay in Davos. His wife Katia was ill with catarrh on the apex of the lungs, and travelled to a recuperation spa at the woodland sanitorium in Davos. The ambience, the attitude to life amidst pure art nouveau architecture, remains as it was almost 100 years ago. The architecture of the sanitorium remains unchanged. The terraces, where guests of the sanitorium rested and recuper- ated, serve today as sunbathing spots for the hotel guests.

At the beginning of the 20th century Davos was a magical mountain in the truest sense: Whilst the whole of Europe was suffering from tuberculosis, in Davos not a single inhabitant of the village was ill. The healing effect of the high mountain air of Davos therefore became world renowned at an early stage, which led to numerous international guests heading for Davos – including many writers, philosophers and artists.

Opening up my balcony doors to breath-taking glorious mountains covered with snow and vil- lage of Davos resting beneath it was like being in imaginary world. To my delight there were springs everywhere around hotel! We didn’t even have to go to spring to fill our water bot- tles as more than 20 springs were connected to our hotel meaning spring water was coming out of the taps. I have forgotten what it means to open the tap and gulp a glass of water coming out of it. I haven’t drunk tap water for years and this was just amazing! And you could taste it too, crisp, fresh, cool…ah! I used to stand by sink and drink glass after glass after glass…it was that good.

I loved the food that was served to us. So many raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, great oils, amazing quality bread, really good butter, cheese and yoghurts from local grass fed cows and every cooked meal had some nice steamed veg, grain and meat dishes for those who fancy it. You know me, I don’t! Fruit
was available throughout the day, little Swiss chocolates were all over the place, spring water coming out of the tap…heaven.

There was a hiking path from our hotel down to town of Davos, so one afternoon I went for a walk and to check what’s ‘down there’. I found lovely outdoor terraces of cafes with people taking coffee or having lunch in a sun, amazing ski shops, so no need to shop before you go there, but warning…Switzerland is pricey! Oh yes it is!

I also came across amazing patisserie and just couldn’t resist buying some cakes to share with my fellow meditation monks up the mountain. They were happy but excess sugar might have affected meditation to follow…ups!

Our meditation was taking space in a wooden chalet short walk away from our hotel. Medita- tion was intense and there was more talk than I expected, but I could feel shift happening.

I loved the people retreat have attracted; Business people, doctors, yoga teachers, art- ists, activists, humanitarians, musicians, even young conductor from Israel and Michael, local young man who walked every day up and down mountain track to join us. Needless to say I have connected mostly to Michael as we shared love for raw food and David Wolfe.

It was also interested to have people from Lebanon, Israel, Croatia, Germany, USA Switzerland and Australia all come together
to one intimate space and meditate together. Everyone in hope of enlightment! No one got enlighten but we all got well even though at some point in history and even now our coun- tries are at war.

The first day of retreat I was sure I was freak- ing out my meditation teacher as I couldn’t stop staring in him and his eyes that resem- bled so much in them a person I loved most and have lost, in physical way only. Even though some might think I sound crazy but I know and feel fully that my brother and my dad up there are next to me all the time. They are my guides, my protection and my guarding angels, full time.

I also found my meditation to start having very healing effect on me and there were moments when tears just would not hold back. I had huge releases, but I have also found peace within that for so long I even forgot existed.

I simply cannot wait to go back to Davos mountains, to springs, to scenery that brings so much peace and space, to catch up with Michael on our raw food adventures and to see my meditation teacher again and his very special lady, companion and fellow teacher.

I’m still taking baby steps in my meditation practice, and still am to make it daily practice, but if it’s ever necessary and I feel that is
the only thing to help me calm down or get clearer, now I have tool. And sometimes with this new tool I have I don’t even have to sit down on meditation cushion, I can do it even walking down the street

And it feels great tool to have it.