As if our Passion menu – featuring almost 100 different smoothies, juices, protein shakes, elixirs and milkshakes – was not enough, we know that you also like to eat your fruit with a spoon, and thus a few new fruity breakfast concoctions have been created just for you!

We originally started doing Passion smoothie protein bowls to encourage our gym bunnies at Passion Café in BFit be more adventurous with their protein shakes – instead of sticking to the ‘highly exciting’ Banana Leche protein shake.

Now skipping the whey protein and blending process, our new smoothie bowls are just pure fruit with the occasional addition of nut butter or even a few spinach leaves. They are much more suitable for hard core vegans and those who just don’t ‘agree’ with whey.

Also very popular is the breakfast smoothie bowl at Passion Marina, a lovely concoction of frozen banana, berries and coconut.

We have done a new twist on our açai bowls, blending açai with more exotic fruit than just a banana and topping it with our amazing raw granola, making the whole experience totally vegan and gluten free with the added benefits of good fats coming from nuts. Just yummy!

To make things more interesting for our regular customers who just love fruit for their breakfast, our chunky fruit soup is just lush. Freshly cut fruit resting in an orange and almond ‘broth’ topped with walnuts and hemp will make anyone thrive all day long. This bowl is natural all the way with the ideal combo of good fruit sugars and good fats from nuts and hemp.

Who says being healthy or even vegan is hard?

Peace, love and fruit.