Believe it or not, some people want to know what the insides of my fridge and cupboards look like. So here they are… and sorry to disappoint as is it is not quite as exciting as some might think!

After almost proudly showing how empty my fridge was to a friend who came to visit my apartment, he reminded me of an old saying that goes, ‘in the house of a steel maker, the knives are made of wood’. This is so very true especially when it comes to my fridge, which is probably one of the saddest ones in Ibiza. And it has been like this for almost the last three years! Since I opened my second restaurant and then the third and then the forth and so on, I have totally stopped eating at home. I could easily be storing shoes in my oven too. This is how much I use it.

So my fridge is really not impressive, but you may say my cupboards are. This is when people who are peeking at what I have in my kitchen go, ‘wow’! It’s like a nature supplement pharmacy in there. I have so much stuff that it is not humanly possible to consume it all of it in its recommended doses in a week, let alone in a day.




When I have the pleasure of owning a blender (I say this as I have so far ‘lost’ six Vitamixes and three Nutribullets to my cafes – it’s always my own blender that saves the day when the others break down due to so much use!). Right now I am without one so instead of bedtime cookies or superfood elixirs, I’m sent to bed with a couple of handfuls of pills. But hey, it’s all good stuff. A few healthy pills a day keep the wrinkles away!

Right now I’m ‘on’ Pearl, He Shou Wu, Schizandra, Krill oil, Turmeric Formula, Magnesium and my favourite, Mega Hydrate. When it comes to supplements, superfoods and protein powders I really try to source the best ones, made with integrity and by companies I trust.




All these superfoods and superherbs do is provide me with complex nutrition on a cellular level but they don’t stop my cravings or hunger very often, so when I get home I’m often cursing myself for not bringing a take away from Passion or in the very least an apple or something! There is seriously NO food in my house, almost ever! Every time I think of picking up something from my cafes that I can eat at home later, I’m like ‘nah, I won’t be hungry’. Then I get home and the typical scenario happens: me opening my empty fridge for the 20th time hoping a quinoa salad will show up by some miracle.

My brother always jokes with me, “People would think you are this perfect domestic goddess but you are a total fraud”. Ha ha ha… Don’t you just love how family always tells you things directly as they are? He also always tells me, “Whatever you do within at least the first month of dating a guy, if you manage to date someone for more than a month, [thanks bro again!], do not bring him home and to your kitchen.”

But at least my coffee situation is now well taken care of. I’m the proud owner of super swanky home coffee machine that every morning makes me a mean Americano with Passion’s own coffee blend. This makes me so happy and sets up my days just fine.

And if I cannot impress a guy with my ‘homey’ kitchen, I can always impress him with a good espresso… yes or no?

Peace, love and everything else!