Through art, I have been able to express myself and from my experience of meditation, the meditator came to represent my journey through mindfulness meditation and I wanted to share this piece of art which I have designed.

The diamond shaped head represents the expansion of consciousness, the knowledge and the wisdom that can be found through silence. The point on the head indicates the one pointedness that can be reached through meditation. The diamond shape in the heart symbolizes love and in the stomach, emptiness. The meditator is a reflection of each
of us and can be a reminder of our true nature in the

I travelled the globe and met some extraordinary teachers in my search for an understanding of the truth. Through this, I was drawn to meditation. There has always been a deep yearning to find inner peace. Through my teacher I came to understand the most valuable teaching of being true to myself, and not only did this help me, but in turn, it helped my children to be themselves without my conditioning running through their veins.

Everything we need is already within us, and the shedding of rigid thought patterns begins once we make the time to understand and accept ourselves with kindness and compassion. We are moving in a new paradigm where there is a shift of consciousness that needs to take us back to where we came from, help us discover who we really are, and connect with our true nature. From that place, we can understand that everything is as it is and there is only this moment that is waiting for us.

Seek out the positive news and people who light up your day and nurture your spirit.

For many people meditation may appear to be something unknown.
Yet sitting on a cushion, doing what may appear to be nothing, may be the most productive time spent. This is the most extraordinary paradox. Through meditation, we begin to see clearly the whole structure of the mind, and with this clarity, we can begin to undo all the belief systems that are unhelpful, and instead find harmony and balance.

Sitting quietly and focusing on the breathing, unwanted feelings will dissolve and the void will slowly disappear.

To create our own healing and happiness, we can turn things around in our mind using symbols. ‘The meditator’ can be worn as a reminder that we have a choice in this moment. If we do not like what we are doing, we can choose: to stop, or work at finding a way of turning towards it. When we leave the past behind and do not project into the future, then we can be at one with the present.

By reprogramming ourselves to look at life differently, we can allow those annoying things to be our wake up call. Next time you hear a
dog barking when you are trying to sleep or your boss seems totally dissatisfied with your work ethic, you could use this as a sign to help bring yourself into the here and now, and respond to this moment in a positive way. You may find that your life takes on a whole new meaning.

Marina Cowdray
International Advisor to The Oxford Centre of Mindfulness

The Meditator is available to buy from All profits go towards a meditation center in West Sussex.

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