Double welcome juice junkies! From our cafés, restaurants and newly launched website!

So many of you are so happy that you have us closer to where you live and the most wonderful thing for me is the community atmosphere that has been created by you.

After my yearly trip to Los Angeles and this time Arizona, I have come across places that are just that… community cafes where everyone knows each other and feels at home. I got so inspired and ‘high’ by the atmosphere of being surrounded by like minded people, conscious people who are aware of the importance of nutrition and that a certain kind of diet can have profound benefits for our health and for our planet too.

Passion cafes…. health warriors…. together with you….. changing the world one kale chip at a time

I am happy to notice that an interest in health food, raw food, superfoods and a healthy lifestyle is on the increase. Health is in fashion! Passion is in fashion! Our goal always was to help you see that healthy living can be delicious, that it is all about making different choices and not so much about sacrificing.

This is being clearly proven by our raw food that you so love, especially our desserts. They are almost outselling our infamous carrot cake! I never thought I would see that!  And anyone trying raw kale chips is ‘surprised’ how good they are. It makes me smile…

So here we are… Passion cafes… health warriors… together with you… changing the world one kale chip at the time.