Double welcome juice junkies! From our cafés, restaurants and newly launched website!

So many of you are so happy that you have us closer to where you live and the most wonderful thing for me is the community atmosphere that has been created by you.

After my yearly trip to Los Angeles and this time Arizona, I have come across places that are just that… community cafes where everyone knows each other and feels at home. I got so inspired and ‘high’ by the atmosphere of being surrounded by like minded people, conscious people who are aware of the importance of nutrition and that a certain kind of diet can have profound benefits for our health and for our planet too.

Passion cafes…. health warriors…. together with you….. changing the world one kale chip at a time

I am happy to notice that an interest in health food, raw food, superfoods and a healthy lifestyle is on the increase. Health is in fashion! Passion is in fashion! Our goal always was to help you see that healthy living can be delicious, that it is all about making different choices and not so much about sacrificing.

This is being clearly proven by our raw food that you so love, especially our desserts. They are almost outselling our infamous carrot cake! I never thought I would see that!  And anyone trying raw kale chips is ‘surprised’ how good they are. It makes me smile…

So here we are… Passion cafes… health warriors… together with you… changing the world one kale chip at the time.

I was back in Ibiza from Davos, and after a couple of weeks, my travelling winter feet were itching to go go go places, and my fingers were itching to click on the BOOK IT NOW button on!

So one day, my friend Kyle Cease posted that he was doing an event in Vegas, and I just felt I had to go.

Kyle is one of the most accomplished comedians in the USA, who has recently shifted to giving inspirational talks to students in colleges and people worldwide, mostly through his Youtube videos, in order to inspire people to take their life in their hands and to help us all see our potential and the greatness within us. And, as always eager to learn and get inspired, I felt I needed to go and attend Kyle’s event knowing I’ll learn new things and also laugh my ass off…the man is funny! I also wanted to go and support him as this was one of the first events of this kind he was doing after 20 years of mainly stand-up comedy and movies.

I was in Vegas for two days in 2009, with friends who booked me into the vilest hotel I’ve ever stayed in! If you know me…I don’t do well with crappy hotels. Call me a snob, princess or whatever…I don’t do them! I’d rather sleep in a tent! I swore then and there that I would be back with a vengeance and accommodate my sweet behind in the full luxury of the Bellagio.

Knowing I would be there early December means Bellagio’s famous Christmas decorations would be up in hotel lobby, which was another bonus as they are truly the best Christmas decorations ever.

So, at the click of a button I was checked into one of the most glorious hotels in Vegas with its own dancing fountain. On my own. I did put it out there that if any of my friends would like to come and share my bedroom with me free of charge they would be welcome, (unless they are snorers!), and no one took me up on my offer. I’m sure anyone willing to come was a snorer!

So, I boarded the flight in London and was whisked to …Las Vegas baby!

Kyle’s event was great and the most amazing thing that happened was not that I actually learned anything, as almost everything Kyle and his guest speakers were saying to me, I was like…but I do that already, I think like that already, I run my business like this already, I’m like that with people already… And I am not saying here, hey I’m doing it all right way… the whole point was that for years I have been beating myself up because I’m terrible at planning, organising, strategies and do things spontaneously, on impulse, with gut feeling, from the top of my head, deal with things once they are in my face, being in the moment, being true to myself and feeling strongly what is right and what is wrong and being stubborn about it…and feeling that I was doing it all wrong. And guess what…as every single person stepped onto the stage and gave a talk, it gave me another acknowledgment that the way I am is actually how lots of people are trying hard to learn to be, and here is the army of motivational speakers who are helping them to do that. And lucky me was born this way! It was special realisation for me and it was finally ‘proven’ for me that I’m actually quite O.K. and not that screwed up after all! Kind of like I found myself again.

And then there’s the Bellagio story…it was lovely. My mornings would start with gym, as my debt had to be paid for the upcoming post-workout coffee and the most amazing pastries EVER from Jean Pierre patisserie. The mere thought of their maple pecan cinnamon buns and cheesecake Danish makes me weep! I visited this patisserie on my previous trip to Vegas, and for years I was simply longing to go and visit it again.

I love my own space and love my travels on my own. I have a good time with myself

I’m actually not the greatest fan of fancy French dolly looking tarts and cakes which very often only look good, but here they look good and taste even better.

I have lost all my healthy star points in a week! And I didn’t care as it was an extravaganza for my taste buds. I felt bit of an emotional need to fill the gap because I’m probably the only person on their own in Vegas, and instead of looking hot and glamorous in high heels and tight dress next to my (non-existent) Mr Grey, while he’s gambling in the plush hotel casino, I was seeing Vegas shows in my comfy Juicy couture pants, sipping on Fiji water and being back in my hotel bedroom at 10 pm watching gossip channels on American TV.

But don’t get me wrong! I had a great time! I love my own space and I love my travels on my own as I can do whatever I want, anytime I want, eat when I want, don’t eat if I don’t feel like it and with no one to argue with over ‘I want to go bungee jumping and you don’t!’. I also take all the time in the world to do my shopping, stopping for tea here, juice there and observe world passing by. I have a good time with myself.

And I can eat insanely good burritos in the Cheesecake factory, not caring about table manners! They are sinfully good and over- loaded with good guacamole, salsa and sour cream. And if you ever have chance to visit the Cheesecake factory and lose your healthy stars…all I can say is…dulce de leche cheesecake. OH.MY.GOD.

Lounging by the Bellagio hotel pool was plush too, so was swimming in the heated pool, which, now being the first week of December, felt quite good…until the chlorine starts to nibble on your skin cells. That wasn’t pleasant, as no amount of my sweet almond body oil would stop the prickling. God bless Vegas and ridiculously chlorinated pools!

My flirting highlight moment was being complimented on my hair by a rather good looking gentleman as I swam towards him. I thought he was talking to someone behind me, as I was aware of a palm tree resting on the top of my head with my hair pulled up, so I stupidly giggled in a way as though he’s teasing me, only to be told he had seen my ‘stunningly beautiful hair’ down before I got in the pool. God, I have to start acting cool when complimented.

Night life in Vegas is crazy! So many places to go, so many restaurants to visit. The night clubs actually look quite good…well, when you live in Ibiza it is hard to be impressed by any night clubs elsewhere.

If you go to Vegas, make sure that you see as many shows as possible and as your budget allows. They can be pricey, depending on seats available but are truly amazing. I had the chance to see Shania Twain on the opening night concert, her first live performance in eight years. Not that I am huge fan, but it was rather cool thing to do, and Shania Twain is Shania Twain! And she had a live horse on stage who wasn’t very impressed to be there.

Before arriving to Vegas my friend booked me a ticket for Circus Soleil ‘O’show, in advance as they are usually sold out. She told me only the best seat was left available to buy (at hefty price of course), but she wouldn’t let me go to Vegas without seeing this show.

Being in the best seat meant that I decided to put my suede heels on and my designer black jeans, only for that seat to be in the very first row where you are now and then splashed by water by dancers doing pool acrobatics! And yes, it smelled of chlorine too!

I was concerned about my shoes and spent the whole performance hiding my feet under the seat!

I had my Vegas star moment there too, when all the auditorium lights and a thousand eyes were on me as a performer dressed as a clown pointed his finger at me and I had to get up from my seat in order for him to give me a flower. Me, from all the people in the front row! It was a happy moment…and the flower was a plastic sunflower which I have kept and brought home with me. It makes me smile every time I see it. The little things in life, eh?

I saw another two Cirque de soleil shows, The Beatles and the newcomer Zarkana. The Zarkana show blew my mind! The stage, the colours, the quality of performers and the insane things they do with their bodies… incredible!

There are lot of things that I haven’t done in Vegas yet, meaning I behaved way too well! Now that the Bellagio mission has been accomplished, a new seed has been planted, and this is some party time Vegas style…oh yes! And not sure I’ll be sharing that with you darlings! You know how saying goes!