2012 was the year of shift, of change, of bringing the more dormant and hidden things to the surface. It was a year of huge shift in human consciousness, happening within the energy of this planet and impacting upon those living on it, a time of humans being offered an opportunity to Awaken.

Awakening and development of the human consciousness, the energy body, the soul by identifying Fear and healing and transcending it, so transforming it into Love, this is your purpose on earth. 2012 brought a higher frequency of energy to this planet to accelerate the pace of that human purpose.

Relationships have been tested, all kinds of relationships. Truths and Fears surfaced and have been shown in friendships, attachments and love connections. Many noticed how difficult life was in 2012 at times in those relations. This was the shift bringing fears to the surface. This was the shift bringing about division and sorting of energies and frequencies, to enable clarity and awareness of self and of others.

Awareness of this, and what has been going on, enables letting go of the resistance, the resistance to change, to movement which causes the discomfort. The shift has flung people together of course too, but even in those new relationships, in those new coming together of like minds, energies have been fraught with complexities, with pulls, with fears, and there too, truths have been revealed. The shift, the change, the surfacing was for the greater good. It was to enable awareness, realisation, letting go and transformation from a place of Fear to one of Love.

The Relationship is the foundation of human evolvement, it is in the interaction with another that we evolve and grow

So what of relationships after 2012…in 2013 and beyond?

If 2012 was the energetic tidal wave that hit, then 2013 is the new clear still water, energised, oxygen- ated and ready to give birth to new life. Many will recognise the division which 2012 brought and many may be in a place of more clarity now. Many won’t know why, but the peace within has seemed to have come about all of a sudden. Others have been aware of the process; they rode the wave and are now ready to swim.

The energy is different here now. We now live in an age of Love. More and more you will become aware of this and this will mould and shape you as you awaken and let go. With an atmosphere and a vibration of Love, more positivity, productivity and harmony are abound. Those dreams are more easily realised, those intentions are brought to fruition. Now is the time to live life and to Love it.

The Relationship is the foundation of human evolve- ment, it is in the interaction with another that we evolve and grow. That is why there are so many humans here on earth and why there are so many kinds of relationship. Without the Relationship, there is no life.

Be it a relationship with self, with a friend, with a lover or a mother, whatever the relationship, familiar or not, love connected or attached, brief or for life, the relationship is the essence of life, take part and get involved… in the Relationship.

In this New Golden Age of Love the Relationship is much more than just the two individuals involved. The new Relationship embraces the enhanced Love vibration, encompasses the Love of self and the Love of the world around you, a state of harmony which is unlike Love known before.

In a New Golden Age of Love more clarity is yours. As the human consciousness has raised, sensitivity, feeling and truth are key. With these things as a foundation in your heart, you will make clear deci- sions, you will feel freedom and warmth within, Love within, and following these things you will attract souls who resonate on the same Love frequency.

Life and Love, your Relationships can be much simpler now. You know how much Love you have to share, how much Love you deserve, how much Love is all around you.

Love yourself, Love your neighbour, Love your brother, your mother, your sister, your father, Love your friend, Love your lover, Love your significant other.

Love your past, Love your present, Love your heart, Love your soul. Love life, get involved and Love the world around you….LOVE.


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