As crazy as Lana Love is, the craziness of the woman has reached new levels by building not one, but two new Passions in the middle of busiest Ibiza season we ever had!

When the right location pops up, the woman just can’t say no!

It’s not just new locations – now it’s new concepts too! We simply cannot wait to open the door of our new Passion Pantry (a café, deli, bio shop and take away and Passion Juicery, all under same roof). You guys are going to love it, promise. We are hoping to open at some point in October, so watch this space.

Our brand new restaurant in San Jose is something we are just holding our breaths with excitement for. A lot of building and work is needed to transform such a big place, with all the details needed (or shall we say, demanded, by that same woman mentioned above!) and so it’s taking time. Think early next year for that particular Passion hotspot.

So as always, we are gifting Ibiza with more of those healthy spots it seems you just can’t get enough of. We are asked daily to open new Passions around the world but there are also always the questions like, ‘When are you going to open one in San Antonio, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza town, on the beach, in Formentera…’ There’s never too much or enough Passion in life! So we keep working, building and spreading Passion as much as we can. It gives us pleasure to welcome you to our (soon to be) six homes of health and happiness.

The beauty of every Passion is that each is like a unique destination itself. All feature rather different décor but always retain that true Passion feel. But now, as this ‘Passion look’ has become quite popular and has inspired many others with decorations for their cafes and restaurants, we feel we need to do something different (Lana is a Madonna fan, she says Passions are like Madonna, always reinventing, setting trends and most of the time, being there first.) Through social media and the small size of Ibiza it is very hard to be original for a very long time, five minutes if you’re lucky!

But that even keep things interesting for us as we always do different things. The amounts of recipes, dishes, drinks and even looks that we have gone through are almost endless! Some have stayed for years, some lasted a few years, or just a season, but we always move forward. There has never been the same menu for more than two years in a row at Passion. We improve every year, we bring you new healthy stuff, and present healthy or simply yummy concoctions that you can only taste in our cafes, as the recipes are personalised or uniquely made by Lana.

Passion is much more than just a business. It’s about creativity, always striving to do better and giving our customers beautiful cafes to relax in, good food to eat, great drinks to re-energize, great cakes to indulge in and lengthy menus full of goodness to woo you back again and again. Because we love to see you again. We love to serve you and inspire you.