Ahh, the power of green foods. They are total superheroes! I (like many of you I guess) have only been a green food and green juice addict for the past six or seven years, ever since I ‘discovered’ that you could put cucumber, celery and spinach through a juicer and end up drinking something that looks like pond water that was good for you. I once went on a kind of diet, or shall we say a ‘way of eating’ for a week that meant only consuming foods that were green. Thankfully I didn’t end up looking like Shrek’s girlfriend Princess Fiona, but I did feel like some kind of Green Power Superwoman Princess by the end of it.

All green foods posess the superpowers required to make us feel like the superhumans we really are. The nutritional value and detox components – such as ridiculous amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, the perfect fibre for our bodies, great sodium levels and hydration – in veggies like celery are simply amazing.

But we have been neglecting our greens and suppressing our superpowers by eating foods that rob our beautiful bodies and minds of their true potential. All of that processed, boxed crap; meat and dairy from the really-in-dark-karmic-debt industry; the white stuff aka sugar, that is evil beyond belief, not to mention all of those ‘why-do-they-even-exist’ fake foods produced in laboratories, with colourings, additives, preservatives (every time I see that word I still feel like there will be condom particles in there – hey, I’m only ever honest with you) and flavour enhancements. Like real food needs flavour enhancement! And the list goes on and on… there are so many bad, bad, human superpower diminishing ‘foods’ and ‘drinks’ out there, while our natural greens are left rotting on the market displays.

Leave the boxed crap on the supermarket shelves to ‘live’ out its eternal life, as most of them profess to have. Imagine seeing an expiry date on a can of something that could potentially outlive you – who wants to eat THAT? How is such food supposed to make you thrive? Instead, save your greens! They will always give back to you by taking tender loving care of your cells, cleaning your blood stream and making you feel like the superhero that you are meant to be.

Sadly we live in such times that even our greens are sprayed and polluted so please always reach for the organic veggies. As those babies will ‘transition’ soon, they are as pure as they can be. Give them a chance during their vibrant lives to give you what they are here for, to give you nourishment, to feed you and to give you lots of green love.

We are fortunate however, to also live in times of total abundance. We are able to down wheatgrass shots as a healthier option to tequila, to put powdered greens in all their glory in our smoothies, salad dressings and juices. We thrive when surrounded by beautiful supergreens such as Tina Spirulina, Stella Chlorella, Green Magma Mama, Barleygrass Barry and co. Clearly I have been drinking too many greens and have christened them by giving them names, but you don’t all need to go that far.

Just eat, drink, dream and live a passionately green superhero life!

Peace, love & kale.