by Mike Nash

Water! It’s just H20 right? Does it matter where you get it from – a bottle, your tap, a spring, it’s just water right? Not so!

In the same way pollution is impacting the air that we are breathing, water is another source of pollution. If you don’t have an efficient way to treat it you’ll become the filter for thousands of toxins that could potentially stockpile in your body.

Tap water may prevent you from dying of dehydration, but if you want to experience incredible health and vitality, unfortunately tap water isn’t on the menu!

So how can you take control today? In my opinion there are 3 master keys you need to unlock the secret of effective hydration. The first is learning about toxicity. The second is appreciating the perils of dehydration. Finally, there’s optimal hydration.

Toxicity – The study of toxicity can be quite painful and never ending. Here we will focus on the solution. The fact remains, when you study toxicity and its relationship to disease and death you become either depressed or highly motivated. Choose highly motivated. Learn just enough to propel you to take action. As you limit your toxic load your health will begin to flourish.

Dehydration –When you research what happens to your body when it becomes chronically dehydrated, you’ll increase your motivation further. Drinking more water is one thing, eliminating the dehydrators is just as important. Mass produced tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks, and sodium chloride rich junk foods all play their part in dragging vital water from your body. When you stop consuming the dehydrators you begin plugging the leaks.

Optimal hydration –As you clean your water of heavy metals, tampon residue, toilet paper residue, chlorine, fluoride and the 1000s of other cancer causing chemicals that can show up in municipal tap water, you take a giant leap towards optimal health. As you learn about structured water, energised water, and how emotions and blessings affect water, you move into a realm that will cause a quantum shift in your energy and experience of health. The work of Masaru Emoto (author of The Hidden Messages In Water, and many others) has proven without a shadow of a doubt that there is more to water than meets the eye. Only when you reach this level of intellectual understanding and practical application can you really expect to experience the very best of health.


The best way to begin is to drink fresh, clean, pure, energised, structured spring water. You can simply go to and see if you can locate a fresh spring in your area.

Your body is made of 70-80% water and as you change your source, you restructure your body. All the fluids in your body (your blood, lymph, water in and around your cells, digestive fluids, sexual fluids etc.) are made from the water you consume and food that you eat. Where else would it come from? If you want to go the extra mile for health insurance you could add Adya Clarity to your spring water.

You may not be so lucky to have a spring close to home so here are the few steps to ensure you drink the very best hydrating water each and every day.

Part 1 – Distillation

Distillation gets almost everything out of the water that could harm your health (Pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals etc.) For extra insurance, before the water goes through the distillation process you can add Adya Clarity which will remove any viruses and bacteria pre-distillation and can also be added again to the water after distillation.

Did you know there are over 2100 known toxins that cause cancer in regular tap water? Obviously this will vary from country to country and city to city. Considering that thousands of manufacturers dump billions of pounds of toxic chemicals into rivers and lakes each year, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that many people are struggling with their health.

Part 2

Restructuring part 1

If you just distil your water that will be enough to support your hydration on many levels. But you can go few steps further. Inside the container that collects the water place a number of quartz crystals. Quartz has a vibration that will imprint onto the water. I also have the words ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ written on a post-it note stuck to that outside of the container. It has been proven that these words alone will restructure the water back to its original living crystal form. At this point you might be sceptical, however if you read the work of Masaru Emoto, author and water researcher you’ll begin to learn that water has a consciousness that can be influenced (like plants and people) by thought, vibration, language, music and intent.

Re-structuring part 2

In the next phase take your water and pour it into a Vitalizer Plus device which moves the water in a vortex action and does a number of things:

Structures the water – magnetic and infrared forces reduce the size of the individual water clusters, creating hexagonal water, increasing hydration potential.

Increases Oxygenation – The vortex action can increase oxygenation of the water up to 30%

Mineral Addition – Structure making minerals from a mineral base increase alkalinity and help maintain hexagonal structure (many of the elements in municipal water actually decrease structure)

Lastly to reduce the surface tension of the water to increase its hydrat- ing potential you can add a substance created by pioneering researcher Dr Patrick Flanagan. For over 30 years, Dr Flanagan has made intense studies of regions where there is a high proclivity of centenarians. Even though diets in each of these regions varied dramatically he found that the water in these regions was virtually identical to that which came from frozen glaciers (glacial milk). This research led him to develop a powerful product to add to water to help simulate glacial Milk. His product Crystal Energy® uses his patented silica Microcluster® minerals (also called colloids), which change the wetting angle of water to levels that are similar to levels found in biological fluids.

The way I see it you have two choices. You find a local spring or you follow these three steps and develop your own personal routine based on your own research. If you really want to buy bottled water make sure is in a glass bottle and stay clear from any plastic bottled water.

It may seem like a lot to distill your tap water, use crystals, music, language, images, intent and the latest technology. You don’t have to do everything, but you do have to do something. One question remains: Is your health worth it?

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