Need I say I was blushing and bursting with excitement for the most amazing hour spent talking to the most amazing man ever! We all have our guides, people we look up to, the one who make a profound impression on us, who inspire us just by the way they are and to me this is David Wolfe. His big heart and love for nature, his words, teaching, totally free information that he puts out there selflessly, incredible books he has written and people I have met on my path following his teaching have all made incredible and a super positive change in my life and I cannot express how grateful I am and how much love I have for this incredible human being. And I’m 100% sure there are many who feel the same about David Wolfe.

In general, how are we and our planet doing right now? On a global level, how bright is our future?

It is the brightest that it has ever been and it is the worst that it has ever been seen, it is both. We are in the middle of it. It’s getting better and better and it is getting worse and worse at an alarming rate.

David, you are an amazing author, the information you give and the way you deliver it is astounding. Where does YOUR inspiration come from?

I’m inspired by very simple things. I’m inspired a lot by nature, by springs and spring water. I’m inspired by trees, by glorious cloudscapes, I’m inspired by the great ancient cities of the world like Cousco in Peru. I’m inspired by having a moment in the forest by myself walking barefoot for hours. That inspires me…big time. So I guess I draw my inspiration from very simple things…I guess from most people’s perspective simple.

You have been a raw foodist for the majority of your life….

Yes, almost twenty years, and really that is totally raw. I’ve been into raw food for over 23 years.

I’m often asked why raw food”? First, I say that personally, I’m thriving on it. And very often when I just can’t go into depth, I just say David Wolfe eats it” With the research and information that you have and the fact that you are doing it is good enough for me. I don’t need any
other explanation!

Right on, thank you!

Since being a raw foodist, what is the biggest change that you have noticed in your body, in your mind, in your performance?

I know my body, I’m aware of what is going on in my body and that is the biggest change. That is the biggest change for everybody.  Eating a totally raw food diet is not for most people but if you did it for a while you will learn more about your body than any diet you ever did and anything you have ever done, because it strips away all of the filler, for lack of the better word. So thats gone and you know exactly what lettuce does, exactly what broccoli does, you know exactly what olive oil does, you know exactly what avocados do. You just get really clear and this is the best benefit of eating raw food.

The second thing it does is allow you to have hope that things are going to get better, because I haven’t aged like normal people age and the way my body works, I mean, I’m not an athlete but Jeez! I don’t have any soreness and I don’t have any aches and pains in my body whatsoever.

You hear people saying my body needs meat, I follow a blood group diet or any other diet…

People just don’t know, they are completely guessing, they actually have no idea what they are talking about.

So when you say raw food is not for everyone, or people who tried some raw foods say it gives them a bad stomach or they are not performing well. How do we know who it is for and who is not for?

See how you feel, you have to try it and see how you feel. But when people just make stuff up and say they need to eat this because of this reason it’s almost 99% of the time made up. They actually really have no experience and they don’t really know what they are talking about, they are just regurgitating what somebody said or what was read in a book or something like that. Raw plant based food is the REAL experience. You are actually really experiencing what is going on with your body and there is no substitute for that.

And really, raw food is not about restrictions, it’s about changing our habits.

Right, yeah, absolutely! Is just going back to what is simple. What standard diets are today and what is on the menu is completely contaminated with meat and dairy products, totally contaminated processed foods, dangerous types of salt, sugarised drinks, the list just goes on and on… So this is why we have to strip it away, this is why the raw food is so powerful. In one swoop you just strip all that stuff away.

It can be really overwhelming for someone who has been conditioned for years to eat this very damaging kind of diet to start making healthier choices. So what would you recommend to someone willing to make changes and take those baby steps?

The absolutely number one step is to go organic. Conventional food quality is so poor and I’m not even going to get into a discussion about chemicals…I don’t even want to argue about that. The quality of food, the flavour, the taste, the texture is so bad…it’s ridiculous, it’s at that point, it’s inedible. So let alone any kind of conversation about organic food really being better or is it worth the money? It’s like the base line. Organic food is not even that good, we have to get back to growing our own food, wild food and eat local. Eating organic is a base line, is not the end of the argument it is the beginning of the distinction, it is the beginning of separation. Organic is actually very low quality to me. Home grown or wild, that is high quality, this is what I can eat, this is what I get excited about.

Exactly what you are saying is what I miss when I’m away from Ibiza. I miss my local farms where I know people who are growing my fruit and veg and when I get warm eggs that were laid by happy chicks living in a natural environment like they were supposed to. Even when I’m elsewhere and buying organic I still don’t know, but when I get my local farm veg box…

You know!

Talking about animals, animal farming, cruelty we have commited….it is so soul destroying. You talk about it in your Sunfood diet book and huge karmic debt that we are in. So, what can we do now, on an every day basis to start repaying this debt?

Our way of life is our message. Who you are speaks so loudly that no one will ever hear the words you say. The way you live your life is your message. That to me is ultimately the karmic payback. What we realise in this part of the journey that you will have to pay back all the karma, I had to pay all the karma and I had to go through the unwinding of it all, I had to deal with it all that and everybody will have to and if they don’t do it in this lifetime they will have to do it in the next lifetime and if they don’t do it then it is going to keep piling up and it’s eventually is going to be the time to pay the piper. So you might as well do it now. And we have committed so many atrocities against each other and against animals and our planet that we’ve got to start rectifying it now.

David, what is your vision of paradise?

My vision of paradise is a very libertarian vision where each person’s own paradise doesn’t interfere with another person’s and that each person is able to beautify the planet, beautify themselves, beautify their living space and leave the actual planet better than they found it. That vision has to do with working with nature to achieve what nature wants. I definitely feel that there is an aspect of me that is always trying to arrange eco systems that even thousands of years from now someone will be on that spot and go…something is going on here! For example, I have 31 different types of local rock dust that I have put in my orchard at my house, so that place geologically will be different for tens of thousands of years because it has tons of rock dust in that little space so the soil make up is very, very unique and very, very special and will always grow very interesting trees and plants.

Tell us about your Plant the Fruit Tree foundation?

I really believe very strongly in working with plants and I think this is really the salvation of the human race and salvation of any human on any planet, is to work with plants on that planet in order to have peace and harmony within oneself, that in growing the garden and planting the trees and plants. They teach us how to find that inner calm and that inner connection to all that is. That is a big part of what I believe and what I am about.

How many trees you are planning to plant with foundation, I think something like billions!

Yes, 18 billion and we have planted quite a few! We have planted hundreds of thousands of fruit trees, not even a million yet, let alone billions, but little goals well accomplished become big goals.

Talking about trees, let’s talk about one of your favourite trees, cacao trees…and chocolate, the number one longevity food.

Yes, chocolate is the number one longevity food, number two is olive oil, number three is honey, number four is red wine and number five is not food, is tobacco. And people say, what do you mean tobacco, tobacco kills people. Tobacco doesn’t, chemicals put in cigarettes are killing people. It is very dangerous and if you Google radioactivity you will find that conventional tobacco is all contaminated with radioactivity. It’s just beyond..

Talking about radioactivity, I’m very concerned while buying my algae in health food stores as they are all coming from Japan. I was told by health food shop owners that they have all been tested, but as we all know we cannot rely on those infos what is tested and safe for us anymore…how do we know?

Get the Geiger counter so you can test it yourself. There is a lot of contamination com- ing out of Japan. A friend of mine did this last month and he did it on all the seaweed coming to Hawai and all of them were radioactive!

So let’s talk chaga!

Chaga is from the cold forests of the world like Siberia, China, Korea, Northern Europe, Mongolia, Canada and the USA. Cacao is from the tropical forests of the world….

…But it is amazing how we can all adapt to them and thrive on them…

Medicinal mushrooms like chaga are allies to whole life. They are allies to life. You can feed Chaga tea to a dog. Dogs never had chaga and they do not have chaga in their genetical history and there is probably nothing better to feed your dog then Chaga tea.

I probably will!

Yes, it’s amazing! The story that we have, is the idea that what we ate in the past that we should eat now…I mean, our ancestors never had chaga tea. This is the first time that in tens of thousands of years we are drinking chaga teas, so how can we digest it? Chaga has hypoallergenic properties, it is anti-allergy, it is the most auto immunological thing out there, its alkalinity is superior to anything ever.

So cacao and chaga is the way to go!

I had chaga and cacao analysed in a laboratory and one day the guy from the laboratory calls me and says ‘you know I think that cacao and chaga based on mineral data would go perfect together?’

You were probably like ‘Dude I have been doing that for years!’

True! And there is that interesting synergy between the two and what is going to happen to chaga in a few years is that is going to be more valuable than ginseng, because it is more powerful and is more appropriate. People cannot tolerate ginseng, chaga is easy, pregnant woman can drink chaga even if she never had any herbs in her life. Chaga is so gentle, it’s incredible. So we are going to see in the next 100 years chaga will be one of the most valuable herbs in the world.

Well, you will be able to report that to us from Earth as you are going to live to… how long again is ‘your goal’?

3000! I’ve only got 2958 years to go!

Wow! Fabulous! Wish I can say I’ll make you raw cupcakes!  Thank you so much, David! What an honour, what a pleasure to talk to you!

Awesome, thank you! And your magazine… wow, what a beautiful job you have done!

Dearest David, until we meet again I will treasure and thrive on energy I received by spending time with you. I’m eternally grateful.