by Taylor Wells

Taylor is an Author; founder and owner – with her husband – of Prana Power Yoga, United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador; Boston Herald Columnist; Clinical Psychologist; Boston Herald Blogger; Master Yoga & Spiritual Teacher; Creator and sole writer of; and Healthy Lifestyle Activist. Taylor trains over 100 yoga teachers a year in her renowned Prana Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in both Massachusetts and New York. She is a happy super-mom of five, including twin two-year-old boys.

The woman is Superwoman!

Here Taylor shares with us few daily habits she practices religiously…to keep her going!

I do three things on a daily basis that help me to create the BEST LIFE EVER. They really work, and anyone can do them, so listen up and fasten your seat belt!

First I practice “yoga” every day. Now don’t put the magazine down now thinking, “Ugh, I can’t do yoga,” or “I don’t like yoga,” or “I ain’t flexible.”

When I say “yoga,” I put quotations around the word “yoga” because your yoga can be anything that grounds you, calms you, focuses you and makes you feel happy. For me it’s yoga asana, for others it’s taking a hot bath with Epsom salt and baking soda (try this–it rocks), gardening, baking, biking, reading, meditating, writing, walking in nature, and so on. Find something, and do it. Consistently.

Next, I practice Deliberate Creation, utilizing the Law of Attraction. Chances are, you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction–like attracts like. Whatever I put out comes back to me. It is law.

Because of the Law of Attraction, we are all creating all day every day, whether we know it or not. Deliberately Creating means that I am creating on purpose. I am very mindful moment-to-moment as I walk my path that every word I speak and thought I think work FOR me. I focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want.

Whatever I focus on I am creating more of–wanted or unwanted–so I have come up with some tools to help me stay focused on my intention to create and live the life of my dreams.

One tool is my Inspiration Cards. I “do” them every day and they help me to create what I want moment to moment in my life. By reading these inspiration cards every morning when I practice yoga, I plant the seeds for my day in the fertile soil of my mind.

The third thing I do on a daily basis is enjoy any and all foods in moderation.

Because of the Law of Attraction, we are all creating all day every day, whether we know it or not

I love and believe in the amazing health promoting and healing qualities of raw food I felt super free while I was raw vegan for 7 years because I ate raw chocolate cake every day and felt great and was super healthy but after 7 years of raw I realized and smiled at the thought that what I’d really missed was steamed broccoli or roasted Brussels sprouts on a big salad!

I also noticed that I had even more energy eating everything in moderation and that true freedom gives birth to endless energy and creativity.

So try one, two, or all three of my Principles and see what happens.

WARNING: You will feel happy, inspired, hopeful, successful, excited, focused, calm, clear, energized and on track after utilizing these 3 principles.

Have the BEST DAY EVER! Namaste! Taylor plus 5

“Until further notice, celebrate everything.”

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