There are hardly any words to describe the excitement of creating and opening my new Passion concept, Passion Pantry and Passion Juicery, all under one roof! This kind of place has been my dream for a long time but just like everything in life, there is the matter of timing and the right location too.

To tell you quite honestly, I always knew a cold-pressed Passion Juicery would happen – I just didn’t know it would happen so soon. This was mainly due to the reason we are already in the process of opening our fifth Passion location in San Jose, set for February 2016, and that one is massive!

So while we’re working on Passion San Jose, this new baby is happening too. Well, I was kind of getting into the habit of working on two new Passions at the same time anyway. Passion BFit and Passion Santa Eularia were opened just four months apart. You see, this is my favourite part, working on new projects.22668435499_5f1b63c22f_k
I don’t actually call what I do designing – it’s more like putting things together without any plans, drawings, or computer images of how the finished places will look, nor do I even I know the exact dishes and drinks I’ll be serving. Things just happen daily and the final results are our Passions as you see them today. I’m the world’s worst planner and organiser, I function (even though it can be very stressful!) in an ‘organized chaos’. I change my mind so many times and I think the colour schemes I base my projects on can be totally changed last-minute-dot-com. Luckily my builders are cool dudes!

I’m also the person who, when I’m opening a new place, doesn’t think only about myself; pushing my things or the things I like. I look where my café is going to be, identify who the clientele will be, and see what offer is missing in the area – among other things. And this is why Passion Pantry is happening now.

I noticed Ibiza becoming more and more ‘business orientated’. Many people, even those on holiday, are in a rush! Many who work here – especially in the summer – do not have one hour or more to spend in a restaurant having their lunch (and yes, I’m even talking about my restaurant in the Marina where you can wait 40 minutes for a salad, I hear you!). Many also neglect their health and aren’t fueling their bodies with the right foods and drinks while being so caught up in all the work and crazy hours we do in the summer. In wintertime, we all want to detox, or we have days that we won’t cook, can’t cook, or even have 365 days of the year when we just simply don’t know how to cook!

I wanted to offer Ibiza residents a place to go and grab a quick and healthy lunch on the go, one that could be enjoyed in our deli or taken away. A place where you could grab a few different deli pots and cold pressed juices, nut milks, soups or porridge and healthy desserts to stock up your fridge with and enjoy them for a few days without worrying if you will end up being stuck with shop-bought pizza for dinner again. Mums on the run can stop by before picking their kids from school for a healthy snack and juice for the little ones, giving themselves more me time instead of spending time in the kitchen preparing the kids’ tea.

Passion Pantry and Passion Juicery are also places where you can order your detoxes for as many days as you want. Whether you want juice only, liquids only, alkalising, enriching, energising, combined with some raw or cooked foods or a combo of all of the above, we are here to make it happen. It is truly exciting to offer you all of this under one roof: cold-pressed juices packed in glass bottles, a bio shop, deli, café, take away, chill and eat in, breakfast, lunch, dinner, time in between, deli plate of the day, detoxes, cleanses, supper clubs, workshops… health and happiness!

This new place is only two minutes walk from Passion Marina so when you see us crazy busy there and you’re in a rush, you can just walk down the road to our Pantry and enjoy your Passion goodies there. Our food in the deli will be totally different recipes than on the menus in our restaurants but it will still keep the Passion feel, so no worries! You are going to LOVE it. Saying that, all of our cakes will also be available at the deli plus things like our hummus, granola, and a few other popular pieces of Passion yumminess. We cannot wait to welcome you to our latest corner!

Passion Pantry… making busy people eat well.

Peace, love and cold pressed juice.