The subject of cleansing and detoxification has gained popularity among health enthusiasts, largely in credit to the momentum of the raw food movement.

The great polarity of our modern industrial civilization has created a toxic pressure in which we are forced into one of two options, to cleanse, nourish, and detoxify or to accept a life of silent desperation. This may appear to come as a bold statement, but as we observe the root cause of every known ailment in the human body, this choice becomes increasingly more obvious. The great breakdown in the human body, at its source is due to toxicity and the body’s inability to detoxify itself after a certain period of abuse. When we speak of “detoxification” we are really referring to elimination, the body’s ability to extract toxic materials. Technically speaking, detoxification is understood as the process in which the body converts a toxic substance into a more manageable substance. This is done primarily, but not entirely, by our liver. As the liver works to transmute a toxic compound it must be assisted by what are known as the four channels of elimination otherwise it will become overburdened. The liver is not an organ of elimination; it serves to make the other organs job much easier. The four open channels are the lungs (r8espiration), the skin (perspiration), the colon (elimination), and the kidneys (urination). These indispensable organs all work in synergy like a finely tuned orchestra, if one is off tune the rest will begin to fall out of harmony.

When we speak of “detoxification” we are really referring to elimination

Raw plant food as a primary base for our solid food choices allows us to cleanse, nourish, and detoxify as a daily practice. This is due largely because raw food is nature’s most appropriate blueprint for human eating patterns. The phrase “the less you eat, the longer you live” serves as a roadmap towards vitality and longevity. One of the key reasons toxicity occurs in the body is due to heavy food consumption over long durations of time. Despite popular nutrition advice, our bodies are not properly designed to intake thousands and thousands of calories on a daily basis, this is actually obvious when we observe natural eating patterns of indigenous tribes. Raw plant food that is colourfully spaced out with leafy green vegetables (green juices), ripened fruit (with seeds), nuts and seeds (in modera- tion), nutrient dense super foods (algaes, wild berries, cacao, aloe vera, hemp seeds, coconut oil, bee products, etc.) and time tested super herbs (reishi, chaga, lions mane, macuna, ashwaganda, etc.) becomes a long term calorie-restriction path that does not involve restricting yourself from pleasure. You can consume as much raw food as you feel appro- priate and allow your body to naturally fall into alignment. We are approaching a health food consciousness where we use nutrition to guide us towards pleasure instead of being forced by fear and pain.

In the biblical tradition, a day of rest was advised for each week of work. This tradition was referred to as the Sabbath, which translates in Hebrew as “to cease”. This term was originally derived from the story of creation where the creator spent 6 daysputting together the heavens and earth, and taking the 7th day off for rest and replenish- ment. Fasting can be approached from the very idea that we all live fast-paced lives, and yet we require adequate time to rest, recharge, and re-evaluate the week that’s now past, all whilst creating the week that is to follow. Once a week, anyone can take a break from heavy foods. It would be of great service to your digestive system to take a day to only consume liquids instead of solid meals. If you feel up to it, take a day to abstain from food all together, drink only water, and see how generously your body thanks you. The more we can move towards liquid nutrition the more vitality, ease and grace we will experience as a daily reality. The fewer blockages in the form of food that we harbour in our bodies, the lighter we feel and the more radiance ourskin gives off. You can truly see the quality of someone’s inner environment by the shine and glow of their skin.

I would like to leave you off with a practical approach to daily detoxification as we pick up toxic residues from the environment we live in. This is called “intermittent-fasting”, which is the process of fasting in intervals, consuming our last meal 3-4 hours before we sleep and fasting on water/liquids throughout the morning. Ideally, we want to consume 1 1/2 litres of clean water with 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt. Salt is one of the great detoxification protocols and helps to add stability as it contains every known and unknown mineral / element for proper biological function.

Fermentation in food processing typically is the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohols and carbon dioxide or organic acids using yeasts, bacteria, or a combination thereof, under anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions.

Fermented Foods have been consumed by man for thousands of years. The act of fermentation allowed humans to travel with an edible storage food. It is believed that some of the first yogurt production happened in hot deserts of South Africa, where milk would be stored in goat skin bags and ferment while draped across camels during expeditions.

No matter what country or culture you observe, you will find a fermented staple in their diet. From Europe we were brought mead, quark kefir and salami. Africa brought us fermented millet porridge. The Americas were responsible for chocolate, sourdough bread and chicha (corn beer). From Asia we received delicious condi- ments like natto (fermented soy beans), miso, tempeh, and the popular beverage kombucha. As you can see, some of our most beloved ingredients are fermented.

Fermented Foods have been consumed by man for thousands of years

Fermented foods have many uses, one and originally being that it preserved food in a time where refrigeration was not yet available. Nowadays, this is less of a concern but more of a way to extend the availability of a food beyond its growing season. I love that I can enjoy my cab- bage months after it is harvested from the earth.

By fermenting foods and particular ingre- dients, you enhance the nutritional make- up of the food. By bringing in active live cultures, you create more bio-available nutrients, especially vitamin B. Because of the active colonies of bacteria created, fermented foods aid the digestive system and help to increase absorption of the available nutrients.

One of the more important roles of fer- menting is the deactivating or elimination of anti-nutrients. Certain anti-nutrients, like phytic acid are present in beans, grains, nuts, and seeds. Over consumption of these foods can lead to mineral depletion and other potential health problems.

Full on Flavor

As ingredients ferment over time, one of the great benefits is the increasing of flavor. Rather bland cabbage takes on a salty, tangy, taste once it is turned into sauerkraut. Boring soy beans become al-

most cheesy like in taste once fermented into natto. The simple addition of miso to a salad dressing brings your meal to a whole other dimension. Eating fermented foods is fun, allows to to create and ingest “living” foods, and can potentially eliminate a host of health problems all the while assist- ing your overall health.


Sauerkraut plays a vital role in the health of myself and my family. Chock full of health benefits, sauerkraut has a long history of use that dates back 2000 years! Loaded with vitamins, and numerous “healthy bacteria”, ‘kraut and other fer- mented vegetables are extremely nourish- ing to the digestive and immune system. To ensure we always have fermented foods on hand, I keep a continual crock of cabbage and several other vegetables fermenting throughout the year. What’s I love about sauerkraut is its bright, tangy flavor and its ability to work with so many different ingredients. It’s versatility makes it a great condiment.

This past summer I grew some really nice sized cabbages so I am looking forward
to enjoying freshly made, homegrown kraut all winter long. Since I have a large root cellar, I can know properly store large quantities of fermented foods without having to take up space in my refrigerator.

The Ingredients

All you really need here are 2 ingredients, cabbage and salt. Once you become more confident in your fermenting meth- ods, you can add a variety of ingredients like seasonal greens, ginger, herbs, chili peppers and carrots.

Prepping your Cabbage

First remove the outer leaves and set aside. Use a sharp knife or food processor to shred your cabbage. I like to slice the cabbage as thin as possible so that the end product is soft in texture. Take note that the thinner the cut, the faster the ferment.

The Recipe

An exact recipe is not needed with sauer- kraut nor for most lacto-fermentations. A simple ratio is good to know and you can experiment with your own preferences once you became more confident with your ferments. To make a basic sauer- kraut, simply use 3 Tablespoons of sea salt per 5 lbs of cabbage. This is the ratio I have been following since my first batch and I have yet to have one fail me.

The Procedure

After slicing the cabbage, add it to a large bowl and sprinkle with sea salt. Using your hands, and muscles, massage the salt into the cabbage until it begins to breakdown and release its liquid. Depend- ing on the intensity, this may take upwards of 15-20 minutes. At that point, a squeeze of the cabbage should release a lot of water. Another way to do this is to mas- sage for a few minutes, then allow it to sit for 30 minutes, before returning and finish- ing the process. Place all your prepped cabbage into a fermenting crock or sterilized glass jar. Add in all the liquid
and using your fist or tamper, push all the cabbage below the liquid. Top the liquid with the reserved cabbage leaves. Use a weight to keep everything submerged be- low the liquid. Cover, date your jar and set in a warm, but dark space in your kitchen.


Because I am so eager to enjoy the bub- bly goodness of the cabbage, I have found that waiting is the hardest part in the entire process. In general, I allow the cabbage to ferment for 2-3 weeks before harvesting. You can go as long as you wish, but I have found that after 3 weeks, the cabbage is usually soft enough to enjoy and the proliferation of healthy bacteria is at an ideal level.

Harvesting Your Kraut

Use your hands or wooden utensils to re- move the cabbage from your crock. Save the juice and enjoy as a “immune boost- ing supplement” or use for added flavor in dressings and salads. Once removed from the crock, I store in the fridge or root cellar in glass Ball jars.

Sauerkraut will last for months or even years if stored in the right environment so remember to keep it in cooler environ- ments when not in use.

I love kombucha! There’s just something about it…something magical, like the mushroom that makes it! Well, the mushroom (called Scobi!) is quite weird and can freak you out first time you see it. Especially when Scobi start having ‘babies’, this definately freaked me out! Kombucha making and the names that go with it are rather hilarious. Like you can be if you drink too much kombucha in a day!

Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. The resulting taste is something between sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what kind of tea you use. It’s not what you’d imagine fermented tea to taste like. The first recorded use of kombucha comes from China in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. From there, in around 1910, it came through Russia to Germany.

It is also known as “The Tea of Immortality” because of its amazing health benefits:

Detoxifying and energizing

Kombucha is very high in Glucuronic acid, the body’s most important detoxifier. When toxins enter the liver this acid binds them to it and flushes them out through the kidneys. Once bound by glucuronic acid toxins cannot escape. A product of the oxidation process of glucose, glucuronic acid is one of the more significant constituents of kombucha. As a detoxifying agent it’s one of the few agents that can cope with pollution from the products of the petroleum industry, including all the plastics, herbicides, pesticides and resins. It kidnaps the phenols in the liver, which are then eliminated easily by the kidneys. Kombucha can be very helpful for allergy sufferers.

Joint Care

Kombucha contains glucosamines, a strong preventive and treatment
for all forms of arthritis. Glucosamines increase synovial hyaluronic acid production. Hyaluronic acid functions physiologically to aid preservation of cartilage structure and prevent arthritic pain. Hyaluronic acid enables connective tissue to bind moisture thousands of times its weight and maintains tissue structure, moisture, lubrication and flexibility and lessens free radical damage, while associated collagen retards and reduces wrinkles.

Aids Digestion and Good Health

Because it’s naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability. As such, it’s noted for reducing or eliminating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, etc.

Immune Boosting

Kombucha is extraordinarily anti-oxidant rich. But, all which we have mentioned is still not the end. Also fairly significant is the possibility for use of kombucha on skin and hair. Kombucha which has been fermented for around 14 days can be used on a cotton pad as a tonic for your skin. It helps by feeding your skin with healthy ingredients.

Rinsing hair with kombucha helps against hair loss.

Essential trace elements and minerals found in kombucha are: iron,magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, manganese, Cobalt and other minerals. Vitamins wise: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6. B12, Vitamin C, D, E and K.

For me personally, the best thing about kombucha is that it tastes great! I sneak it to parties, pour it into a champagne or martini glass and get very happy on it!

The best thing is to make your own kombucha, for the main reason that the shop bought one is often pasteurised, meaning heated by temperatures of 50-70 C, and the mushroom is normally ‘dying’ at temperatures above 30C, therefore questioning the health benefits and healing effects of shop bought drinks. It is still much better than drinking Coke! Or you could try to get it from a producer who doesn’t pasteurise it.

Warning….it can make you really happy!

So what is it? Sun Yoga is a way of connecting with the divine – with God – with Spirit – with the Supreme Soul through putting yourself in direct contact with the sun.

Not to be confused with Surya Yoga – also Sun Yoga (yet more focused on the physical asana sequence of the Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar).

It began with the Sun Yoga Guru – known as “Sunyogi” Umasankar who began a daily practice during his 2-year stay at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, South East India.

He sat on a rock every morning, meditating on the reflections of the sun bouncing off the waves of the sea and began experiencing “great pleasure” and then more powerful energy flowing through him.

He refined his practice to focus directly on the sun and, three months later, Sunyogi felt the rays of the sun’s cosmic energy touch his body and within him an “indescribable feeling of peace and calm” appeared. His continued commitment and discipline saw his digestive system begin to reject physical food and matter as the sun’s energy was nourishing him from within. And so it continued…. lighting him up, empowering him purely from the rays of light. Sounds good? Would you like to give it a go? The sun is much more than purely Vitamin D….

How do I do it?

The most important thing is to soften and relax your gaze – especially if your eyes are particularly sensitive, so practice doing this by fixing your gaze on a “drishti” which is Sanskrit for point of focus.

1. Practice on a candle, on a fixed point in the trees or in the sky, by keeping your gaze soft and your focus blurred, keeping the muscles in your eyes relaxed.

2. Next, turn to look upwards towards the sun with your eyes closed.

3. Inhale and fill your abdomen, then upper body, chest and heartspace with fresh air.

4. As you exhale, ground your feet into the earth.

5. As you inhale, gently part your eyelids, keeping your gaze soft and unfocused and allow the sunlight to flood inwards.

* If you have delicate eyes, or feel discomfort gazing directly at the sun, focus your gaze a short distance above it

* Avoid blinking – yet, if you do, blink several times and start again

* Repeat this three to four times and you will begin to overcome the resistance and it will be easy to look at the sun again

* Gently increase, maintaining a regular practice to allow your eyes to adapt properly.

You may experience headaches or a burning sensation in the eyes, or even a “sunspot” that temporarily hinders your vision!

How long do I practice it for?

The Sun Yoga master recommends to continue practising, building up to staring at the sun for 10 minutes, when the sun will seem to disappear – Sun Yoga

What will I experience? How will I know that I am practicing correctly? And what, after all this sun-gazing, are the benefits?

“The inside of the sun will appear as blue sky surrounded by a ring of light, sometimes as two suns rotating clockwise or anticlockwise”

Long-practising Sun Yogis report that a “black spot” appears in the middle of the sun which becomes a black hole from which seven colours emerge and move around the sun, and that a “powerful beam of light” will radiate from the spot, firstly coming to you and retreating and eventually touching the body, enabling you to attain the nirvana of mindlessness – or mind-free-of-any- cluttering-thoughts – a perfectly thoughtless condition. This is known as the stage of pratyaharam, the official “beginning” of the Sunyoga experiences.

From being touched by this light, the heart begins to vibrate, allowing the human practitioner to control shame, hatred and fear. Ongoing practice promises the conquering of 5 more negative emotions: anger, greed, narrow attraction, ego and jealousy. The next stage conquers sexual desire when the pratyaharam stage completes.

You then get to discover the dharana stage as the muladhara chakra, or root chakra, at the base of our spine, generates a vibration all the way from our internal column of energy, or “hara”, all the way to the crown chakra, connecting us completely and raising our vibration physically, emotionally and energetically, a natural, euphoric “high” that lasts! (and irons out many creaks and creases in our bones, organs and muscles.)

And so it continues, opening up more chakras, enabling and generating more energy from within so that eventually, like the Sun Yoga master Sunyogi himself, you feel less need to eat, drink and sleep. You are en-lightened!

There are 13 stages in total. You can read all about them at sunmeditation.htm

Eventually, you become able to live from the Sun’s energy, like an advanced form of plant-life, a beautiful flower and a highly evolved human being. And of course…. it is vital Vitamin D nourishment!

Synthesising the Vitamin D given to us by our wonderful sunshine is truly revitalising. It is, in fact, the very best way to absorb this vital Vitamin and the feeling of warmth on the face and the skin illuminates us and enables the melanin to rise in the skins surface, protecting from sun damage. Vitamin D is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, for healthy bones, regulates the immune system and amongst other lovely values helps the brain to keep working in later life!

Vitamin D benefits include:

* Normalising your nervous system
* Prevention of stress
* Maintaining your Calcium Balance
* Aids your Cell Differentiation (which decreases the risk of Cancer among many things)
* Boosts your Immunity
* Forms a vital part of Insulin Secretion
* Helps Regulate your Blood Pressure

The best time of day: It is best to meditate on the sun at sunrise, when you have the fresh new energy of the day. You can also practice Sun Yoga when the sun is setting, although the energy is decreasing.

How can you incorporate it into other yoga practices?

Sunyoga can be an amazing way to begin your morning practice, focusing on the sun for 10 minutes before beginning the physical asanas, the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations. Opening your eyes and then your heart wide to receive the sun in the morning is a practice that yoga has been founded on over millennia. Practicing this consciously enables the light of life to truly travel and be within us.

Books & further resources:

Umasankar – an Indian yoga and mas- ter of the practice

Sunyoga in Malaysia

Sunyoga in Germany

Sunyoga in Serbia

Sunyoga in France

2012 was the year of shift, of change, of bringing the more dormant and hidden things to the surface. It was a year of huge shift in human consciousness, happening within the energy of this planet and impacting upon those living on it, a time of humans being offered an opportunity to Awaken.

Awakening and development of the human consciousness, the energy body, the soul by identifying Fear and healing and transcending it, so transforming it into Love, this is your purpose on earth. 2012 brought a higher frequency of energy to this planet to accelerate the pace of that human purpose.

Relationships have been tested, all kinds of relationships. Truths and Fears surfaced and have been shown in friendships, attachments and love connections. Many noticed how difficult life was in 2012 at times in those relations. This was the shift bringing fears to the surface. This was the shift bringing about division and sorting of energies and frequencies, to enable clarity and awareness of self and of others.

Awareness of this, and what has been going on, enables letting go of the resistance, the resistance to change, to movement which causes the discomfort. The shift has flung people together of course too, but even in those new relationships, in those new coming together of like minds, energies have been fraught with complexities, with pulls, with fears, and there too, truths have been revealed. The shift, the change, the surfacing was for the greater good. It was to enable awareness, realisation, letting go and transformation from a place of Fear to one of Love.

The Relationship is the foundation of human evolvement, it is in the interaction with another that we evolve and grow

So what of relationships after 2012…in 2013 and beyond?

If 2012 was the energetic tidal wave that hit, then 2013 is the new clear still water, energised, oxygen- ated and ready to give birth to new life. Many will recognise the division which 2012 brought and many may be in a place of more clarity now. Many won’t know why, but the peace within has seemed to have come about all of a sudden. Others have been aware of the process; they rode the wave and are now ready to swim.

The energy is different here now. We now live in an age of Love. More and more you will become aware of this and this will mould and shape you as you awaken and let go. With an atmosphere and a vibration of Love, more positivity, productivity and harmony are abound. Those dreams are more easily realised, those intentions are brought to fruition. Now is the time to live life and to Love it.

The Relationship is the foundation of human evolve- ment, it is in the interaction with another that we evolve and grow. That is why there are so many humans here on earth and why there are so many kinds of relationship. Without the Relationship, there is no life.

Be it a relationship with self, with a friend, with a lover or a mother, whatever the relationship, familiar or not, love connected or attached, brief or for life, the relationship is the essence of life, take part and get involved… in the Relationship.

In this New Golden Age of Love the Relationship is much more than just the two individuals involved. The new Relationship embraces the enhanced Love vibration, encompasses the Love of self and the Love of the world around you, a state of harmony which is unlike Love known before.

In a New Golden Age of Love more clarity is yours. As the human consciousness has raised, sensitivity, feeling and truth are key. With these things as a foundation in your heart, you will make clear deci- sions, you will feel freedom and warmth within, Love within, and following these things you will attract souls who resonate on the same Love frequency.

Life and Love, your Relationships can be much simpler now. You know how much Love you have to share, how much Love you deserve, how much Love is all around you.

Love yourself, Love your neighbour, Love your brother, your mother, your sister, your father, Love your friend, Love your lover, Love your significant other.

Love your past, Love your present, Love your heart, Love your soul. Love life, get involved and Love the world around you….LOVE.

As a former actress, and as someone who is still very much in the public eye, it’s important for me to look my best. But looking good doesn’t mean I succumb to mainstream personal care products filled with toxic ingredients. In today’s world there are dozens of alternatives.

As a former actress, and as someone who is still very much in the public eye, it’s important for me to look my best. But looking good doesn’t mean I succumb to mainstream personal care products filled with toxic ingredients. In today’s world there are dozens of alternatives.

The average individual uses nine different personal care products every day. I use more than that. The difficulty lies in the fact that traditional personal care products are loaded with toxic ingredients—everything from lead and formaldehyde (which arenot required to be included on the list of ingredients)—to solvents, plasticizers, pre- servatives, antimicrobials, dyes, and bonding agents. No matter how small the amount, many of these substances mimic hormones and they accumulate with daily use.

Most people never give a second thought to the things they put on their bodies. Yet you should be aware that your skin is your largest organ. Applying products such as lotions, deodorants, moisturizers, fragranc- es, lipstick, and shampoos is really the same thing as ingesting these products through your skin. They are carried to your bloodstream even though they do not go through your digestive system. Consider the ingredients in your shampoo or in your moisturizer? Would you want to eat them?

The personal care industry is allowed the broadest “playing field” of any industry when it comes to its choice of ingredients. They have the fewest restrictions and they are notorious for concealing hazardous ingredients. In 2000, a group of researchers began a quest to discover the hidden ingredients in cosmetics. Their search led them inside the offices of the largest cosmetics companies in the country. Three discoveries topped the list of their findings:

1. The cosmetics industry has known for over twenty-five years that many of the chemicals used in personal care products cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive damage.

2. The cosmetics industry is the least regulated of all the FDA-regulated industries.

3. The cosmetics industry is allowed the freedom to make recommendations to the FDA, telling the FDA what is safe and what is not. (Sort of like the fox guarding the henhouse.)

You and I would like to believe that the ingredients in the products on our store shelves are safe, but the truth is, often they are not. For example, did you know:

• The term fragrance indicates the possible presence of up to five thousand different chemicals. Many compounds included under the term fragrance are human toxins and are suspected or proven carcinogens. Exposure to fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, and other behavioral changes. You can avoid these chemicals by choosing products fragranced with pure essential oils.

• Artificial colorings are certified colors listed on labels as FD&C or D&C. The letters F, D, and C stand for food, drugs, and cosmetics, indicating their approved uses. Besides being made of coal tar and petroleum, artificial colorings may contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

• The paraben family of chemicals (including methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, and isobutyl paraben), are used as preservatives and are included in a wide range of products. These chemicals have been nicknamed gender benders because they mimic the female hormone estrogen and are thought to be partly responsible for the decrease in male fertility and an increase in early puberty for young girls. Grape seed extract and rosemary extract are natural alternatives to the paraben preservatives.

• The same germ killers used in bathroom disinfectants (phenol, cresol, and ethanol), are often used in mouthwash. Some mouthwashes and toothpastes list a 1-800 number to a poison control facility in case of swallowing—a good clue to the toxicity of the ingredients.

• The term nontoxic can mean that less than half of the laboratory animals died within two weeks when exposed during laboratory trials. The term hypoallergenic only minimizes the occurrence of well-known allergens. The word natural is meaningless. The term is entirely unregulated.

Most people are still unaware of the hazards of the toxins in health and beauty products. There are lots of things to watch for and it can be overwhelming. To make it easy for people, I have provided a list of companies and products for the discerning consumer in the sources section in my latest book, SURVIVE! A Family Guide to Thriving in a Toxic World. The chapter on personal care products contains information on skin and hair products, cosmetics, deodorants, sun protectants, insect repellants, exfoliants, feminine hygiene products, wrinkle treatments, and more. When it comes to looking and feeling my best, personal care products can make a big difference. I look for the very best and so should you.

Sharyn Wynters is a naturopath and author. Her book can be purchased from her website at

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for humanity to dissolve the prejudices, which have separated them from each other; it is the right of the people to declare, by the powers of the Earth, to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a new global shift in consciousness.

The time has come for a Declaration of the rights for all humanity and all earthly Life. We call for action based on our inalienable rights to live on a safer, cleaner and more peaceful planet. The doors are now open to finally secure these rights for all living beings and humanity regardless of race, religion and nation affiliation.

We, the people of the Earth declare:

• Every human being has their own spark of consciousness and every one of us is interconnected, even to the galaxy within which our planet is suspended; we have right to be happy, healthy and to have opportunity to rise to the highest expression of self

• Every life form is an aspect of the One; thus any harm of any living being affects the energetic integrity of the whole.

• A call for change wherever power structures, belief systems, cultural superstitions and monopolies cause imbalance, suffering, disharmony or injustice towards sentient beings or the natural world and to end all wars between nations and people through principles of non-violence in the settling of disputes.

• The right to Spiritual Liberty and the Right and freedom of all human beings to explore and pursue higher consciousness according to their own mode of choice; as long as it is respectful and harmless to the rights and wellbeing of others

• The right to our survival as a species on the very planet that gives us life and protecting that planet by shifting its inhabitants to the consciousness of love, peace and unity.

• A unified effort to prevent and end harassment, discrimination and prejudice based on race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation and end all limitations and discriminations in the workplace or in the political systems.

• The re-awakening of our connection to the Divine Feminine aspect of our consciousness and to honour the feminine in our society, in all living beings and in our Great Universe

• The Right to make the changes necessary in our habits, energy systems and consumption in order to reduce or avoid pollution and to support and create new systems of effective ecologically sustainable distribution resources; and to share them more equally, render them more accessible and provide their benefits more uniformly to all the world’s people.

And for support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we pledge to each other, our Divine rights, One Earth, One Consciousness, indivisible, with Spiritual Liberty,
and Divine Justice for all humanity.

Through art, I have been able to express myself and from my experience of meditation, the meditator came to represent my journey through mindfulness meditation and I wanted to share this piece of art which I have designed.

The diamond shaped head represents the expansion of consciousness, the knowledge and the wisdom that can be found through silence. The point on the head indicates the one pointedness that can be reached through meditation. The diamond shape in the heart symbolizes love and in the stomach, emptiness. The meditator is a reflection of each
of us and can be a reminder of our true nature in the

I travelled the globe and met some extraordinary teachers in my search for an understanding of the truth. Through this, I was drawn to meditation. There has always been a deep yearning to find inner peace. Through my teacher I came to understand the most valuable teaching of being true to myself, and not only did this help me, but in turn, it helped my children to be themselves without my conditioning running through their veins.

Everything we need is already within us, and the shedding of rigid thought patterns begins once we make the time to understand and accept ourselves with kindness and compassion. We are moving in a new paradigm where there is a shift of consciousness that needs to take us back to where we came from, help us discover who we really are, and connect with our true nature. From that place, we can understand that everything is as it is and there is only this moment that is waiting for us.

Seek out the positive news and people who light up your day and nurture your spirit.

For many people meditation may appear to be something unknown.
Yet sitting on a cushion, doing what may appear to be nothing, may be the most productive time spent. This is the most extraordinary paradox. Through meditation, we begin to see clearly the whole structure of the mind, and with this clarity, we can begin to undo all the belief systems that are unhelpful, and instead find harmony and balance.

Sitting quietly and focusing on the breathing, unwanted feelings will dissolve and the void will slowly disappear.

To create our own healing and happiness, we can turn things around in our mind using symbols. ‘The meditator’ can be worn as a reminder that we have a choice in this moment. If we do not like what we are doing, we can choose: to stop, or work at finding a way of turning towards it. When we leave the past behind and do not project into the future, then we can be at one with the present.

By reprogramming ourselves to look at life differently, we can allow those annoying things to be our wake up call. Next time you hear a
dog barking when you are trying to sleep or your boss seems totally dissatisfied with your work ethic, you could use this as a sign to help bring yourself into the here and now, and respond to this moment in a positive way. You may find that your life takes on a whole new meaning.

Marina Cowdray
International Advisor to The Oxford Centre of Mindfulness

The Meditator is available to buy from All profits go towards a meditation center in West Sussex.