We all need inspiration in life and we all need to keep educating ourselves, to learn, to grow, to empower, to illuminate, and to keep upgrading. And very often, like with so many other things in life, we are looking to do this everywhere but deep within ourselves.

I needed to spend thousands of dollars on travelling to so many conferences, seminars and summits to actually discover that really and truly my own guru was someone very close to me, always around and guiding me in the right directions countless times; that person… is me. I needed to spend so much cash to be told that the way I function, think, feel, do my work, my passion, creation is very much spot on. I needed to spend that cash to to be told it’s ok not to be the most organised, planning freak and structure keeping junkie but to be someone who gets up in the morning and goes throughout their day with flow, taking things as they come. Someone who creates and gets inspired from awareness of oneself, someone who operates from their gut feelings and not because of information written in the books. I have also realised that my ‘messiness’, luck of structure, planning and over organising is my virtue and not my vice.
Do not get me wrong, there are many people out there whose life work, passion and creation have guided me and inspired me, and some of them I do lovingly call my gurus as one simply does, but you see all gurus – like rock stars and movie stars – are just humans like you and me. They are all full of vices, weaknesses and to many their job to inspire many is very often just a job, and more of course, but not necessarily any of the ‘gurus’ out of there are walking their walk all the way.

This is not to say there are none! Of course there are, but trust me, they are a rarity. And I have been lucky to discover and feel those truthful ones, but some didn’t pass the test. And that is OK. I did learn something from them… and that is to listen to truth within me and to be aware of guidance within me, telling me what is genuine and what is not.

I get a bit funny when someone tells me I’m their health guru! No, no, no, no! If a strong black coffee and croissant for breakfast type person is your ideal of guru then OK! I’m joking… You see, I’m personally all for green juice, salads and raw cakes, which I all live by, but am I a saint with my diet? No. Do I do all the steps all the way that I write about in aim to inspire people to eat and live better? Mostly yes, but not all. I’m way too undisciplined to do that. But I’m aware of my truth and I hope that you are aware of yours too. If something I say or a recipe I give you inspires you then great – just drop the guru thing! It’s too much responsibility for me to bear, that one. Let me eat my cheesecake!

Go out there, keep learning, keep getting inspired but always look deep within yourself and do feel what feels right to you, what makes sense and what you believe in.

Do not be told. Question things, read between the lines, listen to your gut. If you feel someone is overselling something to you, it doesn’t even matter how good doing it is, it is probably not genuine in the first place.

Trust yourself and what your instincts are telling you more than listening to whichever kind of gurus because at the end of the day, no matter what anyone says to you, no matter what you read, you will be back to your true source, to your inner guide, to your feelings of what the right thing to do is.

Drop the structure, frameworks, rules or latest fad diet and listen to what your mind, soul and body is telling you. Just be sure that you are comfortable with your truth and getting throughout the day with your head held high knowing you know your s***! Yeah!

Yours truly, the most undisciplined guru ever.