Great news for many is that our Passion Café in Santa Eularia will not be closing this year for two weeks over Christmas, so you can still lounge around like two legged lizards on our sunny seafront corner while sipping your honey, lemon and ginger teas.

We are also about to launch our new winter menu and as always we have a few new exciting things for you, our regular customers, to eat, which means something new for our chefs to cook. They love that!

But the big shocker is… avocado is now off the menu entirely! Only a couple of dishes with deli-bought guacamole will remain. What? Why? How? Until when? Forever? Don’t panic! It’s just that avocado is seriously out of season –we’ve been throwing entire boxes of avos out recently as their normally beautiful green flesh has turned into nasty, veiny, brown mush. And we cannot feed you that now, can we?

At Passion we like to use as much as seasonal and local produce as possible, especially in the wintertime when veggie-wise there is an abundance of green leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, squash and wonderful root vegetables. In winter it’s also much nicer to eat beautifully roasted carrots, parsnips and beetroots than raw ones. I personally LOVE oven-roasted veggies, I could eat them three times a day, every day of the week. So as I’m the one writing the menus you’ll find them in quite a few of our dishes from now until springtime, when we’ll play with arrival of the next lot of seasonal produce.

For now, our raw beetroot carpaccio has been replaced with chunky oven-roasted beetroot; avocado and asparagus are swapped with sautéed Brussels sprouts, while raw carrots, and cucumbers and tomatoes make way for oven-roasted root veggies in warm brown rice and quinoa salads and bowls. Fruit-wise, it’s bye bye watermelon and strawberries, hello tangerines and kiwis!


Now is also the time to drink your oranges, grapefruits, apples and pears. I love everything apple-ish in winter, especially the hot drink we’ll have for you: warmed up, freshly extracted apple juice with a touch of cinnamon. Such comforting, sweet and feel good goodness in a mug. And then there are the baked apples stuffed with nuts that we serve with whipped coconut cream and of course our special apple pie that we love to make more like a crumble with its crunchy oat and almond crust.

In smoothies we have substituted avocado with chia seeds so you’ll still be able to enjoy your Superman smoothie and co. With all of these new yummy things we hope to be able to distract you well from the unfortunate absence of Mr Avocado!

Until end of this month however, you may still fulfill your avocado fetish in Passion Marina, that is, when the avocado boxes that arrive are having a good day. We are not changing the menu there, as we will be closing for the month of December for some renovation, painting and decorating after another busy season. As soon as we have dusted ourselves off, we will start all over again in 2016, welcoming you back to the home of health and happiness in Ibiza’s very own Beverly Hills.

The best news of all is that only two minutes from Passion Marina we are opening a brand new Passion concept this November that you will… LOVE. But that’s whole new blog! Until then…

Peace, love and Brussels sprouts.