Coconuts really are the perfect food. So much goodness comes from one gift of nature! Think just how many things we get from the humble coconut: coconut water, coconut meat, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut yoghurt, dried coconut, coconut shavings, coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut nectar, coconut sugar, freeze dried coconut and possibly a lot of stuff that I forgot to mention.

An absolute superfood! Hydrating, full of good fats and totally delicious. If you do not like coconuts… man, you’re missing out! If you were stuck on a deserted island with only an abundance of coconuts, you would survive for life.

Sometimes I actually get a bit worried considering how popular the coconut and its products have become over the last few years – now we are able to buy whole fresh Thai coconuts almost everywhere, and I wonder if nature will be able to keep producing enough of them for many years to come!

Coconuts are the most health enhancing in their youngest stage of growth. The meat is pure saturated fat that has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate age-related oxidative tissue damage, improve the functioning of the nervous system, increase breast milk production and restore male sexual fluids. Guys, did I just get your attention?

I love coconuts. Very often I replace my meal with a coconut when it is super hot and I’m just not in the mood to eat. I drink the coconut water from the fresh coconut and then scoop the meat out of it as a snack.

In general I try not to drink too much coconut water as it is high in sugar, but I love coconut meat and sometimes I slice it into ribbons and stir it into my salads, or add it to my smoothies, or blend it with lemon juice to create my coconut yoghurt. Coconut meat also makes a mean chocolate mousse too! In Passion we use it as a base for our raw vegan ice creams. We simply cannot get enough coconuts, considering how many things we make with them!

Did you know that coconut flesh, coconut cream and coconut oil increase metabolism and help with weight loss? Farm animals that are fed coconuts and coconut oil are never obese!

Peace, love (but no love handles) and coconuts.