Deli plate of the day at Passion pantry.

Well, well, well…our deli plate of the day at our newly opened Passion Pantry is proving super popular already! It’s not the easiest thing to make people try it as they are tempted by walking over to their beloved Passion Marina, but once they do… it is love at the first sight (and bite!).

Our deli plate contains a plethora of goodness, vibrant colors, textures and flavors, all on one plate.  Start with creamy pumpkin, lentil and coconut soup to get your appetite going, warming you up on those cold Ibiza days.  Follow this with mouthfuls of quinoa flavoured with chopped up oven roasted root veggies, parsley, toasted almonds and a light dressing.  Next try the edamame hummus and our homemade socca chickpea bread (gluten free of course!), chili and coriander aubergine, courgette fritter, sautéed red cabbage with walnuts and raisins.


With a choice of vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian (meaning some fish) options, the deli plate is ideal for everyone. And just so you will never get bored, the plate is constantly changing.  Think beautifully marinated tofu steak, grilled goat cheese, or a green thai curry salmon burger to complete your meal. Our daily plate is inspired by veggies of the season and items in our bio shop – expect stuffed organic pita bread with sweet potato burger and black bean hummus, or soba noodles with cashews, mango, coriander and soft aubergine (Lana’s favorite dish!), tandoori tofu bites with coconut quinoa… list goes on!

When Miss Love is creating menu and recipes, expect nothing but variety, someone open Lana her own Harrods food hall, por favor! Our favourite moment is when she storms in the kitchen and in one breath explains six recipes in her ridiculously rapid English, that sometimes even she struggles to understand! Imagine the frustration of our Spanish staff trying to understand that there is no enough chopped up parsley, that the aubergine is not cooked to perfection, or that there’s too much garlic in hummus! But at Passion we don’t stress, we are just passionate about doing everything well.

Lana has an innate ability to fix what anyone else would find unfixable. She often repeats a sentence she learned in her acting classes – which were centuries ago, but don’t tell her we told you that! – ‘When I’m in a creative state of mind there is no such thing as a distraction, only potential inspiration’. So now you know why every time Lana makes power balls they never taste the same! And while Lana is in the Passion Pantry, until summer woos her to other Passionate locations, you can expect the unexpected on your deli plates!

One of the new creations of Miss I Make The Best Porridge Ever (which we have to agree is so far true or we haven’t tried any better, yet), is our new Threesome porridge. An absolutely delicious blend of oats, quinoa and chia in nut milk and topped with cinnamon poached pear and apple, almond butter, whipped coconut cream, toasted almonds and maple syrup. A must try!

Come and visit us on our new corner! Passion Pantry is so cute, people go wow when they walk in and their eyes turns into little hearts! We love to create, innovate, cook, chop and blend. All you need to do is eat!

Peace, love and porridge